I'm sure there are many locations to take photographs. I am open to any location of your choosing. Below are just a few places that I have been that would make wonderful locations for your photos. You can choose any one of them, or tell me about your own. All places are inviting any time of year. However, when choosing the type of photo you would like to share with your loved ones, the locations could very well be part of your personality. If your a big sports fan, then choose a ballfield, or stadium. Its completely up to you. If you have any suggestions for locations that I could add on here, please feel free to suggest any on my "Your Thoughts" link.

Elfindale Manor

Elfindale Manor is an elegant atmosphere. I've taken many different kinds of photographs here. Weddings, Bridal sessions, senior photos, family photos. If your looking for a more elegant setting, this is the place to be.


Springfields Nature Center

The Nature Center in Springfield is the utmost natural setting for a photograph. If you want your photo taken surrounded by Gods' most beautiful creation, the Nature Center is a peaceful, serene way to capture a glimse of beauty. Its beautiful all year long, whether Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, its a creation all in itself. .
Address: 4600 S. Chrisman Ave. Springfield  MO  USA  65807
1-417 888-4237 

Downtown Springfield

Downtown Springfield has a lot to offer. Its historical buildings, water fountain in the middle of the square. Founders Park, the Jefferson Footbridge. Any of these would make the perfect setting for that urban feel.

Japanese Stroll Garden

Japanese Stroll Garden features a 7 1/2-acre fully-landscaped garden, connected by winding paths and bridges. Also located at the garden is a teahouse, moon bridge, deck and pagoda. Guided tours of the garden are also available. There is also a $35 dollar fee from the Garden due at time of entry paid by the client getting photos done. Reason for the fee has to do with a copyright situation of Japanese Stroll Gardens. Please do not be discourage by the fee.
Address: 2400 S. Scenic Ave. Springfield  MO  USA  65807
 1-417 864-1049 

Nathaniel Greene Park home to the Japanese Stroll Garden, offers numerous pathways that are ideal for hiking, walking and scenic-watching. The park is open daily for visitors of all ages.
Adress: 2400 S. Scenic Ave. Springfield, MO. 65807


Jordan Valley Park

Jordan Valley Park. Its unual setting of trails and a fountain in the middle of Springfield. It offers a fun of hiking trails, walking paths.

Address: . Springfield  MO  USA  65807
1 417 866-7444 

Sequiota Park 

Sequiota Park is a gem in itself. With its natural caves and unique trailways and pond, it offeres a great site for photos.

3500 S. Lone Pine; Springfield, MO 417-864-1049

Fassnight Park

Fassnight offers an array of beauty. The park located by Parkview High School is a park all on its own. WIth its wisky flow of water, and it rock style building, it creates another natural setting for that special portrait.

South Campbell & Meadowmere

Photo by Mike Baxter


Saddlebrook is a very unique secluded housing development. Its located South of Ozark in between Branson and Ozark. It has a large rock waterfall located just on its property and HWY 65. As you drive back into Saddlebrook, its beauty will engulf you quickly. Its wooded acreage is unbelievably fantastic. It offers a small park with a small river that surrounds it. Perfect for that Serene feeling of a photograph. I have yet to explore every aspect of Saddlebrook, however...click on the link provided, and you can check it out for your self. The photo you see here is just one of many valley's in Saddlebrook. 



Chateau On The Lake


Chateau On The Lake located in Branson Missouri offers a variety of photo spots. With its beauiful flower arrangemnet water fall, to its bench that overlooks the lake, Chateau is definately a place of beauty.



 Stonebridge is a gated luxury home establishment. I cannot even tell you how many areas of this spectacular place has to offer for photos. You will just have to see for yourself. However, it is gated, so admittance can be sometimes tricky. Usually they are pretty good about letting photographers in, but its best to come here during the weekdays.

It is located in Branson Missouri across the way from the entrance into Silver Dollar City. 



Fellows Lake


Fellows Lake located just outside of Springfield is a beautiful calm lake. With its surrounding trees and beautiful rock shores, Fellows offers a variety of places to take photos. 4208 E. FR 66, Springfield, MO.

Photo to be added soon!